Other Pursuits


I use  Fernandes guitars, which I've played for 10 years. Their guitar shapes are unique – the main model I use (and which MY signature model is modelled after) has the thickness of a Les Paul and looks a bit like a hybrid of a Les Paul and an Iceman. It’s called the Ravelle. I’ve also got several Montereys and Vertigos. Both are heavy like Les Pauls, but they’re not as dark sounding.

I've got two signature models thru Fernandes (a metallic green finish with cream binding, and a metallic blue finish with black binding). You can check out both on the Fernandes website (go to my links page). From the Fernandes home page, just scroll down to “2006 best sellers” and I’m right at the top o the list!!!!

I've also really been into the Yamaha Troy Van…. Aah I dont know how to spell it, but Troy from the Queens of the Stone Age has an awesome signature model from Yamaha. Check it out!!!


I use Bogner amps; an Ecstasy 101B model (100-Watt EL34 amp with three channels: clean, crunch and solo), and Bogner straight cabs fitted with Vintage Celestion 30's, and a couple cabs with Celestion 25-watt greenbacks. Lately i've been really into the Mesa Boogie Stilleto Ace 2x12 combo and their Lonestar 4x10 combo. They sound amazing!!! Fender also has a cool new amp ive been using called a Super Sonic, it’s killer. That’s kinda it for now.



Well… I’m not sure where to start. I guess I’ll start with the live rig. It’s a big ole' 12-space rack with a switching system built by Dave Freedman at Raxx Systems. Basically it’s a way to use a bunch of stomp boxes together in any sequence you want, and you can program the sequence in any configuration you want from a Ground Control switching system. Then there’s a couple Dunlop programmable wah-wah and Rotovibe midi controllers. I use the rack-mounted wah and roto controllers. Next, a couple shelves worth of pedals including, but not limited to… the Line 6 DM-4 (distortion), Boss Flanger BF-2, Boss Super Phaser PH-2, Boss Chorus Ensemble CE-5, Boss Digital Delay DD-3, Line 6 Filter Pro, Dynacord CLS222, Rocktron Hush II CX Noise Reduction System, Electro-Harmonix Micro synth, Boss Hyperfuzz, Line 6 delay pedal… and that’s all I can remember right now.

I guess beyond that, I emplore you guitar player / pedal-headz out there to grab any pedal you can and plug it in!!! Oh yeah, I’ve only ever used Dunlop Tortex picks. If you go to the Media section on this site and go to Videos, there’s a DVD I did for GuitarWorld & Fernandes that explains more about this stuff and also has pics and video of my guitars and gear. Check it out.


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